Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 23, 2015- Whispers Baptism

   This week was a really good week till the end of it. Whisper got baptized on Saturday. My comp started filling up the font and we felt the water about half way through and it was freezing! I went to go shut the water off to let the water warm up and I saw that he turned on the cold water instead of the hot haha. But we didnt have time to drain it and start over, We just filled the rest up with hot water. But it was still pretty cold! Im glad I wasnt the one in the water with her ha. Whisper was shivering and cold! But she was a good sport about it all. We told her she would be warmed up when she recieved the Holy Ghost "Baptized with fire".
   We have been trying to find some more people to teach and tracting alot. But no luck. Except Whispers friend Shylynn came to our last lesson and the baptism&confirmation and invited her to meet with us. She said she would ask her parents and on Sunday we found out that her mom is friends with another recent convert in the branch! So hopefully we can start teaching Shylynn!
    But eerything is going pretty good! Sorry to hear the bad news! I hope everyone is doing well and turning to the Savior for comfort. Uncle Luke is missed!
  Love you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson
Whisper's Baptism

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