Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 9, 2015- Git 'er Done!

What up everyone??
      This week was awesome! We are seeing alot happen! A couple weeks ago we recieved a training in Zone Conference about Gods creation pattern. He created everything spiritually before he created them Temporally. We to must create thing spirituall (create it in our minds believe that it will happen and have faith in Christ to help us) then go out there and act and create it temporally with Christs help. Thats what we have been doing. Creating a vision for our area and go out and act in faith and its been working. We seen so many hearts soften and willing to listen. Im loving it right now. I cant believe I come home in 5 months I believe on July 28th to answer your question mom.
  Everything else is going great I love my Zone and my Zone Leaders we have a good time. One of them came out with me and is going home with me! Pray I stay in the Kennewick mission when it splits please!
Love YOu all!
Congrats Chaylee and Devin!
Elder Bubba Nelson

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