Thursday, March 6, 2014

February 24, 2014

What's up, What's up??


  This week was a pretty good week!   We had an awesome lesson with a Less-Active lady who hasn't been to church in over 40 years, because of some member saying something stupid to her.  So we decided to watch "Come Join WIth Us" - Elder Uchtdorf and it went really well!  She said that it really hit home for her.  That she had no more excuses, and that she thinks that she is wanting to come back.  She couldn't come Sunday because she had to help at a Wounded Warrior thing, but that she should be able to come this coming Sunday!  So please pray that she will do that!  We also found 3 new investigators, Dalton & Denise and also a lady named Lori Wild.  I never met Lori because my companion found her when we were on exchanges. 

  I thought I thanked Grandma and Grandpa for my birthday present.  I guess not though, I'll write them again and thank them.  Did the Woolseys get my letter?
  How is the land doin' up north or did you guys not check on it?  How are the trees doin'?  Sounds like it's good that Grandma moved down! (My mom moved to an apartment in North Mesa)

  Why are Ya'll gettin sikk?  Well keep prayin' that I don't get sick I'd hate that!  Sounds like Kyle and Dad are busy But they arent making much out of it?

  Yeah Jed was telling me he wanted to do football. He probably would be a good player! 

Well I hope you guys have a great week!  Keep Strengthening yourselfs in the gospel!  I need to do the same!  Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson

P.S. Attached are a couple of pictures.  Brother Paul Allen called me on Friday and said he was here visiting from Kennewick and had had Bubba in his home for dinner.  He told me what a great Missionary he was and made a mother feel great.  We made arrangements to go meet them on Sunday.  What a joy!!!   I loved meeting and talking to them.  They got married about 5 years ago, after both losing spouses several years ago.  Brother Allen is 90, I can't remember how old Sister Allen is but she served 3 missions after her husband passed away when she was in her 50's.  She said 2 of them were prosolyting and she was companioned with young sisters.  She was darling, always wearing a sweet smile!  Bubba says he loves them and thought it was great that they got married in the 80's!   LOVE IT!!!

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