Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 3, 2014

GOT SOME!!!!.... New investigators!!

This week was a great week for us.  We had Zone Conference on Tuesday.  So we only had like 4 hours to work that day.  But right when we got out we were walking through an apartment complex and we heard someone yell, "Hey!"   I turned around and didn't see anyone so I kept walking then I heard again " Hey Elders!"   I looked back again and saw a guy on his balcony and he asked us to come over.   We talked with him and found out he shook President Hinckleys hand at the Columbia Temple open house.  He also took the missionary discussions 12 years ago and was about to be baptized but he can't remember why he didn't, but he asked us if we can teach him and get him ready for baptism again.  And we said "Of course".  We set up a church tour with him but he had to cancel then we rescheduled and he got sick.  So hopefully we get to see him this week.
  Then we got a New Investigator Friday His name is Elvis. "He was a refferal from the ward.  The ward actually referred him to us.  And it was so great we were like Elvis HI!  And idk how else we would have gotten in (haha only Jacque and T and other missionaries will get that. Its from the District)  But yeah we taught Elvis Friday and just talked about the Book of Mormon with him and read the first chapter with him and asked him to pray right there to know if it was true.  He got the confirmation that it was, so we invited him to be baptized and he accepted!  So we had a pretty amazing week!  This area is finally coming alive it was dead when we got here.
 Sounds like the family is doing good!  The Cultural Celebration sounds like it went really well!  Hope all you guys have a good week!  Thanks for all the love and support!  Love you all!
Elder Bubba Nelson
P.S. Keep Truckin' Truck Yeah!!

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