Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 17, 2014

Well it sounds like you've had a fun/busy last couple of weeks.   So Chaylee is moving up to Utah on April 28th huh?  What is she gonna do for work there? That's pretty cool that she is actually doing it though.  How are  Jill and her kids doing?   

My week was pretty good.  We had 2 part member families show up to church Sunday that we have been working with.  Got to do some service for this guy we met on the street.  I got new Zone Leaders, I don't like them as much as my old ones, they are way different.  We met with Elvis 2 times this week.  His family is still not letting him be baptized.  But hopefully they will soon.

Thank you for the package I love the socks! and tie.  Can I request a tradition?  haha.   Whenever you send a package, can you put a tie and a pair of sikk socks in there?:)  (Every time I send a package I try to send him a tie, since that is about as exciting as it gets.  But since it was St. Pattie's Day today, I sent a tie with green and some dress socks with green as well.  I guess they were a hit!  Now I've got to be on the look out for ties AND SIKK SOCKS!!  Glad I was able to send him something he was excited to get!  I think he's trying to see how many ties and socks he can come home with.  A boy Chaylee dated this summer told Bubba he came home with over 100 ties.  I think that started it all!)  :-)  My comp. says thanks for the shirt and socks.    

Well I hope all is well!  Thanks for all you guys do for me! 

1 Nephi 3:14 I believe thats the scripture anyways.   haha!  But read it.  (I read it, not sure what he is implying here!  I guess he'll have to answer my questions next week! - haha!)


Elder "Bubba" Nelson

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