Monday, March 31, 2014

"Cowboy's Like Us"

March 24, 2014
Elvis is doing good.  Still reading the Book of Mormon every day.  Still doing everything he can do with out getting kicked out of his house, ha.  Yes I am excited for General Conference.  I actually like it now.  Probably because I don't sleep through all of it anymore.
About time you finished school Chaylee.  Now your gonna start school again for the 3rd time?  Just pick something!!  Dang girls never make up there minds!
I'm jealous of Kyle that he gets to go Elk hunting!  Better stick one!  Just sling some arrows.  All of ya'll need some stronger immune systems, haha.
Jed should get into BMX that would be pretty sweet!  Well me and Kyle Like girls we just HATE dancing.  Takin girls to the lake or riding is so much better!
Tell Ellie to suck it up, she is a handful to - haha.  I remember Jacque had to put her in her room and tie the door shut all the time, just like Chaylee.  They are the ones that you gotta worry about - haha. 

Well this week was pretty good.  We got the most OYM (open your mouths) which means talking with people that you haven't before about the gospel.  But we have got the most this week in this area since I've been here.   We had a few good lessons.  We also got a call from our Ward Mission Leader Saturday night at 10, telling us that we were teaching Gospel Principles yesterday.  I love getting a few hours notice.  But it was a good lesson it was on sacrifice.  No one told me that I'd have to teach Sunday classes and maybe give talks on my mission (Cough) Jacque and T!  Thanks for the heads up - haha.  All is well!  All the bikers are coming out now that it's Spring!  I want a bike so bad!  So when I get home me and the boys and Dad all need to get a Harley or an Indian or something and we can come tour the Mission, you girls too if your down with that.

We started riding our bikes this week.  I almost died the first time biking up the hill to our house.  All my leg muscles were gone.  A lot of it came back already.  The hill is pretty easy now.  That's something I don't have yet, PATIENCE!  Haha!

Well thanks for all you guys do for me! I wouldn't be able to do this with out all of you! 

Love you all!

Elder Bubba Nelson!!
P.S. Jed email me back!

P.S.S.  I'll be writing next Wednesday instead of Monday!

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