Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April 13, 2015- What is Happening??

Awesome week!  We found 4 new people to teach!   First one is Jim Studabaker, he and his family are going through a hard time right now.  All his questions were about the Plan of Salvation, so we taught that and he was in tears the whole time.  They call the Missionaries the Mormon Angels because they always show up at the right time.  And his wife Cinnamon says she will never convert but whatevs, we will see about that!  Jim wants to learn more and is working towards May 2 for baptism.

  Also Bill & Jan Thrush are meeting with us now.  I have mentioned them before they are friends of the Rowleys who we stayed with last week. (which I gained 6 pounds from btdubs;/) (btdubs means by the way I guess...I had to ask for an interpretation)   But they are awesome, down to earth people.  They loved the Restoration video and Jan came to church.   That was awesome!
We got a media refferal from the MTC for Daniel Coburn.  His daughter, who is a member, referred him!  He is so ready and has been prepared.  He was outside when we pulled up and invited us right in.  Starts talking to us like we know what's been going on and why he wants to meet with us.  (Which we didn't know)  So we told him that and he was like well " What do I gotta do to get in this thing?"  And he says I know you guys live clean lives but are you still allowed to go out and do things?  I couldn't help to laugh, and said, " Yeah of course we are still allowed to live.  He started naming some of the Word of Wisdom stuff and he new basically all of them and we told him about coffee and tea and he said, "That's not a problem I'll give that up today.  I rarely drink that stuff any way."  Freaking insane, ha.  So we taught the Restoration and after the 1st Vision he said, "Well that makes sense."  It was a great lesson he is on date for baptism on May 2nd as well!  I don't know what we are doing to get these Elect people.  Thats how all the baptisms have been here!  And it's in Cle Elum of all places!!  Goes to show that God is in charge of this work and just gotta involve him!
  Well hope ya'll had a great week!  Love you Famdamily & Framily! (friends)

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