Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April 6, 2015- Spiritual Overload

People actually read my letters.....uh oh...better watch what I say then - ha.  

Dickerson's sent me an Easter package.  :-)

     Conference was amazing!  Saturday mainly made me trunky!  Mainly all they talked about was marriage and fatherhood!  It was ridiculous!  And to make me even more trunky on Wednesday morning, I got my "Trunky call" where the mission office just calls, makes sure your address and all that is the same.  But some take aways from General Conference are:

1.Live the Law of the Fast

2.Use the atonement it will heal us, leaving no scars

3. Male and Females complete each other, not compete

4. Receive the word of God with Gladness and acceptance

5. Don't stay still in Trials, move forward and CHOOSE to BELIEVE

6. Follow Christ, like the Sunflower follows the sun

7. Search the scriptures and pray often

8 We all have strengths and talents-Build upon them

9. We hold the PRIESTHOOD of GOD

10. The Book of Mormon is Key to spiritual survival

Those were some of my main take aways of conference.  We didn't get too much done this week, had a lot of meetings and General Conference takes up a lot of time.
      We got kicked out of our house for the week, they had family coming into town so we couldn't be there.  So we are staying at another families home, the Rowley's.   They are awesome, they are retired farmers. He now has the biggest wood shop for a hobby I have seen.  He mills all his wood as well, from his own property.  Imma get fat this week I'm used to just having protein for breakfast but they are cooking us breakfast.  Filled us up with waffles this morning.  Idon't know if imma wanna leave at the end of the week.  I get a queen size bed and don't have to shower in sulfur water like at our usual home!

      Everything else is going pretty well. Keep the Barkers in your prayers please. They found out his chemo isn't working and they have to try a new chemo.  He has had a couple of blessings saying he would be healed so we talked about not losing faith and believe in the blessings. And we bore our testimonies that they were from God.  We are going fishing over there today since they have a pond on the Camp Ground they manage, so we don't need a fishing license.
Love you all! 

Elder Bubba Nelson

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