Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25, 2015- Gettin' Weird

Hey Ya'll,

  Sorry gonna be another short one, not like I do a lot of long ones anyway. But I just emailed WednesdayThursday we had Zone Conference, and I had to give my departing testimony! So it was hard to be focused for the rest of that day when I had to do that 9 weeks before I go home ha. But it went well I haven't been that nervous to bare a testimony ever!  So I don't think I can give my homecoming talk sorry Bishop...:) haha jk. 
  Nothing else really happened, its still been a struggle to find elect people. We are gonna try to start working with the branch more. They need to get excited about the work.  There has been 9 baptisms in the past year here! But everything else is going well.
  Love ya'll
Elder Bubba Nelson

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