Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 4, 2015- Eventful Week

 What an eventful week!  Started off going to urgent care on Tuesday to get some staples in my head from some pruning shearers hitting me in the head.  But that wasn't bad i'm doing great!  Then Thursday we get a call from the Spurgeons ( who are housing coordinators) saying they are moving us in a day early so we had to rush to get all our stuff ready.  Then on Saturday the greatest event of the week Daniel Coburn got baptized!  He was shinning so bright and so happy!  On the way into the font he slipped and fell pretty hard I was worried he would be hurt since he is 79 years old and hit pretty hard but he got right up and proceeded with the baptism.  He came and talked to me after about how this has changed his life he said,   " Once I just stopped fighting it and humbled myself it just came".   Which I never saw that he was fighting it, maybe it was before.  But, it is so true!  Once we just let God help us it comes easily, He is just waiting for us to accept his help.  His daughter joined the church when she was 8 but went LA and came back 8 years ago.  She gave the talk on baptism and in it she said " My dad came to me about a month ago and said when are you gonna tell me about your secret religion?  She said now, and then she reffered him on mormon.org to us." I have loved watching Daniel grow closer to his Savior and watching him find the happiness this Gospel brings into lives.   I'm staying here another transfer but getting a new comp. Elder Potts, who is Chase Allens cousin.  I guess Karalee was right about me being comps with him! Gonna be a fun transfer!

Daniel Coburn's Baptism

Goin' to Urgent Care

8 Staples

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