Wednesday, May 27, 2015

April 21, 2015- Get 'Em to Church

So this week was alright. We have still been able to teach quite a bit so thats still goin good. We havent found any one new to teach this week. Thats the first week that has happened since I have been in Cle Elum. So pray we find some this week.
   Daniel Loved church! At the end he said " I loved it, wish I started this 40 years ago" Which is when his brother in law introduced the Book of Mormon to him I think. He says he is ready to be baptized and thinks the Book of Mormon is true/ We still invited him to pray about it so he isnt taking our word for it or his daughters. His daughter has sent him so much literature!! Im like dangit women!! Let him focus on the Book of Mormon right now! Daniel was feeling over whelmed and thought he had to read all of that stuff before his baptism. And we told him to just focus on reading the Book of Mormon and its alright if you dont finish it before your baptism you dont have to.
   Sister Thrush also came to church and stayed for all 3 hours this time. She seemed to enjoy it. We didnt have a chance to talk to her after. She was gone by the time we were done talking to Daniel.
   Things are still going great. Hope all is well with ya'll
Love ya!
Elder Bubba Nelson

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