Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 20, 2015

This week was great! We had some great experiences, we had a great lesson with a lady Mary Canfield she is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon right now. She had a daughter commit suicide about a year ago and is still torn up about that. Taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. She wouldnt commit to a date for baptism or to come to church. We couldnt understand why if she wanted peace in her life so much, come to find out she was in an abusive relationship and is nervous around big groups of people right now. Hopefully she will find comfort and strength to be able to commit to come to church.
Also found a new investigator Gloria, we tracted into about a month ago and havent been able to contact her since. But Elder Potts and I tried by one last time yesterday and she finally answered. She said " remember that old guy (Elder Taylor) that was with you last time and how he asked if there was something wrong and I lied to him and said no but there was. Then he prayed for me and I felt a weight lift off my shoulders" She kept saying she wants more of that feeling. It was awesome. She has a friend thats a member in Yakima and she is moving there next month maybe to Elder Taylors area, we will find out.
  Everything else is going well. Went to the Temple today that was really good. Have Zone Conference tomorrow those are always fun to see old friends. Got to get an interview to renew my temple recommend means im getting old!
  Well hope yall had a good week. Sorry I dont have a lot of time to email. Love yall!
Elder Bubba Nelson

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